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What Is Near InfraRed Sauna Therapy

“If you ask a cancer patient when they last had fever, they usually cant remember”  

Dr. Rau Paracelsius.

The ancients knew it, indigenous peoples knew it - and still know it!  Anyone who lives close to the earth and nature and is in tune with their body knows the powerful benefits experienced with the combined use of natural light and heat therapy.

Sweat lodges, steam rooms and the like have been in use by mankind since ancient times. Beyond cleansing the skin, the principle benefits lay in detoxification, invigoration of the circulatory system, raising low core body temperature (often a component in the development of most degenerative conditions), as it supported overall maintenance of a healthy constitution. Dating back to the ancients,  Rome's social baths and through to the spiritual uses of native American lodges and the saunas of the Finnish and Baltic races, the benefits were real and revered.

And Why?

While traditional saunas transmit most of their heat through air and water by convection and conduction, infrared radiates energy penetrates the skin and heats the tissues underneath as well as superficially. 


NASA studies have shown that near infrared light penetrates up to 9 inches (23 cm) of body tissue. This results in rapid activation of all chromophores and metabolic pathways that are exposed to near infrared wavelengths.

To produce the desired purgative effect that sweating provides, traditional saunas require high air temperatures which can be demanding on the body and tolerance of the individual. In contrast, infrared produces the same results at more comfortable, ambient temperatures, penetrating up to 3 inches below the skin carrying heat deep in to the body.

In addition to their numerous benefits, Near infrared rays are antioxidative, help wound healing and cellular regeneration, support metabolic processes and decouple toxins from water.

With the use of incandescent heat lamps, a Near InfraRed Sauna  is one of the least costly and safest ways to eliminate toxins and regain one's health.


"I would cure all diseases if I only could produce fever.”


Greek physician and philosopher, 510 BC

Healing the body and ridding it of imbalances and toxins through raising body temperature - hyperthermia, whereby profuse sweating is induced, is one of the most ancient natural healing practices.  It continues to be used as an integral part of body health maintenance in many countries and cultures worldwide.  And in recent times, as an increasing number of people have become disenchanted with pharmaceutical medical treatments and their often present side effects and are turning to natural forms of healing, this ancient and effective healing modality is rapidly gaining interest and popularity.

In some European countries, raised body temperature through Hyperthermia is a traditional form of curing the body of disease.  In many other countries, however, this natural form of treatment has long been forgotten. 

Hyperthermia - raising body temperature, for improved circulation, tissue oxygenation and heavy metal elimination - though not conventional in its use, is also a well-researched therapy for cancer, as tumors tolerate heat poorly.  In addition to hastening the death of cancer cells, it also has the effect of hastening the death of other types of abnormal cells. It is not only the heat which assists the body in hastening the death of abnormal cells, it is also the process of oxygenation which occurs with the raising of body temperature.  This is particularly enhanced when using the Near Infrared Sauna in the manner used in a Nutritional Balancing Programme and as described in Dr Lawrence Wilson's book Sauna Therapy.

The Role of Fever in Immunity  Not realising that fever is the body's primary response in fighting infection, lay people often assume that fever is the actual illness, because of which they aim to reduce the fever and cool the body down, with the use of medication.  It may be useful to bear in mind that when the body cools down, blood vessels contract, and the sympathetic nerves are excited. When the sympathetic nervous system is excited, inflammatory processes are promoted through the excretion of granulocytes.  Thus by cooling down the body, inflammation increases and we become more prone to the development of chronic disease including cancer.  Fever is a basic, protective response to infection and other illnesses.  It is the necessary mechanism by which the body knows to ramp up the immune response. 

Whole Body Hyperthermia has NO toxic side effects whatsoever, while at the same time being extremely effective. It is also by far the best detox treatment there is. It increases white blood cell count naturally, as no chemical substance ever can, whilst simultaneously arming white blood cells with a protein that allows them to attack pathogens, including cancer cells more effectively. In combination with oxygen it increases hydrogen peroxide in the blood and supports perfusion of health promoting and anti-tumour remedies into unhealthy cells.

These are documented studies that show that fever is not only designed to kill bacteria and viruses but also cancer cells. For many years, fever has been observed and documented as one of the main causes of so called miraculous recoveries.  Patients who developed a fever recovered more easily, while those who had tumors found these reduced. 

Raised body temperatures of 102° F/ 38.9°C are considered very common and are extremely healthy. Temperatures of 104°F/ 40°C are self regulating, at times needing supervision but not necessarily suppression.  Drinking fluids, cold compresses, and waste elimination with enemas all help to reduce the fever if it goes beyond the 104°F / 40°C  mark . But most of the time the body regulates the fever by itself through sweating. Dr. Haller from Germany said: ”If we would stop using fever suppressing medicine we would see a lot more healthy people and our natural way to fight infections would still work.”

Raising body temperature also powerfully assists the body in killing off bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses, all of which can be responsible for a variety of infections, both acute and chronic.   Due to a low body temperature, many people cannot get rid of chronic infections.


Regular use of Near InfraRed


Through regular use of a Near Infrared Sauna, the process of sweating will increase dramatically,  facilitating supreme detoxification through the skin.  Medical studies demonstrate that most toxins can be eliminated through the skin.  This relieves the burden on the kidneys and liver.  Excessive sympathetic nervous system activity and emotions such as fear, anger and guilt cause blood to be withdrawn from the skin, contributing to an inactivity or at best sluggish activity of the skin.  Regular sauna use gradually restores the skin's powerful eliminative function. 

Throughout the world, different forms of saunas are being used.  From sweat lodges, practised regularly by Native American Indians, and many other indigenous cultures, to steam saunas and Far Infrared Saunas.

Whilst each of the above has its beneficial effects, the Near Infrared Sauna is today considered to be the most cost effective, the safest, easiest to use and the least toxic to the body.

Near infrared wavelengths are an antioxidant nutrient, they activate the cells, support metabolic processes and decouple toxins from water molecules.   Near infrared is helpful for wound healing and cellular regeneration as well.

Compared to other saunas, the near infrared lamp penetrates deepest.  This is due to the fact that the heat source is concentrated onto a small area, and less so because of the frequencies of the energy used.  Although the rays may penetrate up to three inches or so, the ambiance temperature remains coolest when compared to the remaining types of saunas in use today.

The Near InfraRed Light Sauna uses incandescent infrared heat lamps which emit mainly near infrared, some middle infrared and perhaps a tiny amount of far infrared energy.  While traditional saunas require high temperatures for copious sweating, infrared penetrates the skin and heats from the inside, as well as from outside.  This means that although the ambiance temperature remains cooler, the body temperature rises, prompting sweating at a lower, more comfortable temperature.  While some people enjoy the intense heat of a traditional steam sauna, many find the heat difficult to tolerate, especially when feeling unwell.

This type of sauna also provides warming and stimulating color therapy. The lights emit a small amount of red, orange and yellow visible light.  These particular frequencies draw energy downward in the body and can assist the digestive and eliminative organs to some degree.

An important effect of the Near Infrared light is its ability to activate the Parasympathetic branch of Autonomous Nervous System.  This allows for a deeply relaxed state, where the body heals and regenerates itself much faster, whilst naturally facilitating the body's own detoxification processes.  This supports a faster recovery from many types of ailments, including tumors, radiation poisoning and mutated cells.

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