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The 3 Lamp Heating Unit is our basic unit and is built in accordance with Dr Lawrence Wilson's (Sauna Therapy) specifications.  Enhanced in design and safety features, the unit comes with 3 Infrared lamps and can be purchased on its own or as part of a Complete Near Infrared Sauna.  The 3 Lamp Near Infrared Unit is designed to hang off of a hook. When purchased with a Stand, it can also be placed securely on any flat surface . Dim. 60cm x 32cm x30cm.                                                                                        

3 Lamp Near Infrared Heating Unit

  • Ultra-low EMF incandescent (tungsten) heat lamps providing heat and light emission in the near infrared wavelength range.  The unit contains 3 x 250 watts near infrared incandenscent Tungsten bulbs and provides a gentle sauna sweat therapy, with natural and effective mitochondrial stimulation, as well as other benefits associated with NIR thermal therapy.  Handcrafted in the UK, the unit can be used on its own, inside our Housing Unit as part of our Complete Sauna, inside a far-infrared or other cabinet-style sauna or placed on any flat surface when purchased with a stand.


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