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"I've been using the sauna and its been wonderful, really wonderful..."


"I am so happy with my near infrared sauna. It is exactly what I was looking for to support my health at home. Lilia was so helpful not only before I purchased but afterwards to answer my questions. For example, 6 months after my purchase she has taken the time to chat to me about the best chairs to use within the sauna, with no financial gain for the company. I feel very taken care of and supported and so happy that I chose these saunas. The price really is much more reasonable than I was expecting."  C.P. UK

"I got it today and it looks great." T.L. NIR

"I received your 4 lamp heating unit on the 7th of February and have been using it over a week now. I’m so happy about it and I can already feel the effects. Thank you for manufacturing these heating units with a stand. They are beautiful, safe and practical and they make following this programme so much easier. I’m glad I didn’t try to ”build” a DIY heating unit, it would have been very unpractical, even dangerous. :)" E.R. Finland

"Dear infrared team,  I am very happy with my sauna lamp." R.D. Belgium  

"'ve been meaning to write for ages to thank you for your email and delivery of the lamp units. We've now been using it about 2 weeks every day and we love it." K.K. UK

"We are very pleased with our Sauna. It is beautifully made, and so wonderful to have a portable Sauna in our house. I feel so relaxed after a session and it is a great self-care tool to have ready access to." S.B. UK

"After doing a ton of research on saunas and all the various types, makes, and benefits, I chose near infrared sauna UK.

They shipped to Belgium and had each piece wrapped up beautifully and securely. My children helped me put it together and we marveled at how every detail is organic and well-designed. 

Now that I have been using it for two years, I can say with confidence that it has changed my health completely! It gets very dreary here. We are wanting for the sun and warm weather- the sauna more than makes up for it while detoxing on a daily basis. My skin improved immediately, my joints feel more flexible, I have improved my overall health and feel 15 years younger. Purchasing a sauna is an investment. I could not be more pleased with the return I have received on my purchase so far. Thank you for making such a spectacular sauna!" K.N. UK

"I bought a 3 lamp infared sauna from you around two months ago. I was not that well at the time, struggling with an autoimmune condition and anxiety. I had many questions about infared and whether it could help me etc.  I can honestly say that immediately you put me at ease and you spent a lot of time on the phone with me talking through the options that might suit me. I rang at least 3 or 4 times before i purchased and you were so helpful and kind to me and spending time talking to me was never a problem.

The delivery of the sauna was perfect and you even made sure it arrived at a time I could be in. The actual sauna is beautifully made and I am very happy with it.

On a final note, I have been detoxing now for 2 months and the sauna has helped calm me down a lot. Although, I have a long way to go, I can already see how powerful this little unit is in helping me with my recovery alongside doing a nutritional balancing program.

Thank you so much Lila for all your help. I feel privileged to have discovered a better way to heal and thank you that you are helping people like me to recover. The work you are doing is amazing." P.C. Cheshire, UK

"I hope you are well.  I am totally loving my sauna - thank you very much!"   H.E. UK  

"I’m loving my sauna. Better than any of the others I have used!"  S.L. UK

"Lila and her team were so helpful answering my initial questions about delivery etc and the sauna unit was sent out immediately arriving beautifully packaged so everything was in full working order when opened. Beautiful unit and working well for us on our quest for detoxification for health!"


"Just to let you know I am doing ok and I love the sauna.  Sauna is great and is working well, the lamp box is really tidy."

J.S. Manchester

"My sauna arrived today and I was really impressed with the effective and secure packaging.  I was even more impressed by how well made the sauna is and how easy it was to put together, in fact it took me longer to unpack it than to put it together.
So I have now had my first sauna and it was great - thank you so much."

"I can tell you that I have been using the lamp quite a lot for various things for pain and healing and it is good.  

I definitely recommend the infrared lamps and saunas to anyone! I am still here, still alive even though I was given the death sentence by oncologists about 3 years ago, in fact they still think I am about to die any time now. But I continue to live and contribute that to my various holistic practices such as the infrared lamp and sauna, oxygen therapy in hyperbaric chamber and a healer that I go to. That and sorting out any issues with stress and emotional trauma/issues from the past etc.  Thank you so much for the speedy reply and great customer service."  A.P. Hampshire, UK

"I absolutely love my sauna." K.T. UK

"I would like to thank you very much for this beautiful sauna. We love it with its natural style and its working very well.  A big Thanks to everybody.  Lovely Greetings"

E.H. Germany

"I purchased my sauna from Near InfraRed Sauna last year and am delighted with it!  The ordering process was straightforward and the unit arrived as scheduled and well packaged to protect it in transit. The design of the unit is excellent and the instructions for putting it together were clear and easy to follow.  This is a very robust sauna and very effective in keeping the heating inside the unit.  I am able to experience all the health benefits of near infrared light therapy using this excellent sauna.  Well done Lila and team!"  L.H. Nottingham

"I am just back from holiday and am writing to thank you for sending the sauna - I am very happy with it."  J.S. Norway

"I just referred you to my colleague, she lives in Lebanon. I hope you can ship your product to her. Best regards, PS I am enjoying the sauna every day, thank you, I am very happy with it. 😊

B.C. Wincheseter

"The sauna is up and running and after just 25 minutes yesterday my body feels quite different so obviously I am very pleased with it... I will probably keep in touch even if only to let you know how the therapy is going.  Much love to you and all those who work with you.  May business flourish"  A.M. Italy

"I purchased two 4 Lamp near-infrared sauna units from Near InfraRed Sauna UK in 2013, one for each of my two homes. I liked the simple and functional design of the unit, making use of good-quality materials. The electric wires are well insulated and the unit is very safe to use.

I started using the near-infrared sauna unit in May 2013; initially I used it for one session of 20 minutes 2 to 3 days a week, and then for one session of 45 minutes every day from September 2014 until present day.

As I started using the near-infrared units, I noticed immediately subtle but palpable effects. In the first few days my heart rate seemed a little faster, and after this initial period I felt more relaxed and at ease after each session and throughout the day.... " Read more...  M.B. London, UK

"The sauna has arrived in Switzerland and we have managed to assemble it in the meantime.  The taxes for the customs and handling have been quite moderate. I had to pay about 74 EUR to UPS. Thank you very much for your support and kind regards. "  B.H. Switzerland

"We bought a (4 lamp) Heating Unit and stand because we had identified our own enclosure. After just over a month, I am glad to report that the product is everything that we had hoped for. Ordering and delivery was problem-free and the most outstanding aspect has been the support received from Lila both before our order was placed and since. Good British customer service lives on!"   D.C. West Lancashire

"The sauna arrived a couple of days ago and I set it up yesterday and used it for the first time. I am really pleased with both the product and service, so thank you!  Have a great Christmas and New Year.  All the best,"

B.W., Edinburgh, UK

"Many thanks.  Delighted with the sauna."  C.T. York

"In the end I was so impatient and just went ahead and it was a lot easier than I thought.  I got up early yesterday and used it for the first time...a little nervous as I wasn't sure how my body would react .  It was absolutely fantastic!  I started to sweat a lot after about 10 minutes but the heat was very comfortable.  What I hadn't anticipated was the feeling of deep relaxation and well-being which lasted all day...I'm hooked!  Thank you so much!"  L.L. France

"We've used it about every other day since then.  It is really wonderful.  We are seeing results already, just with better sleep and feeling more relaxed.  Even our daughter loves to use it, even if just for 2-4 minutes...  It is really well made and far better than we could have managed.  I like the improvements made compared to Dr Wilson's design.  "  A.K. Isle of White

"The sauna is fantastic. Really good quality. Incredibly well wrapped. In fact unwrapping took much much longer than building :)  I hid it in the shed and built it during the night so it was outside the bedroom door and covered in Christmas lights when (my wife) woke up. I am definitely in the good books now. She has tried it this morning and says it is the best sauna she has used.  Thanks for all your help and best wishes for Christmas and the new year,  (N) and family."   N.H. Gloucestershire

“Sauna received and it works beautifully :), thought you might like to know...  I tested the sauna with my Trifield EMF meter, the needle barely budges, which is great - previously, I had a mass produced Chinese manufactured sauna where the reading went off the scale for EMF's.  Zero reading is super important because the body becomes prone to EMF's the wetter/sweatier it is.  Very happy.  Thanks!" 

C.B. West Midlands

"The sauna arrived and I have used it twice before bed. I love it!!!!! It really seems to have an effect on me the whole rest of the day also!"  R.O. Netherlands

"Lovely piece of kit. Many thanks." M.M. Ireland

“The cover for the sauna is just great!! honestly you are amazing. I  am delighted with it!... couldn't wait, had to put it on today... will just take roof off when I start with the lamps... so... so far, great success with the sauna... thank you!  It looks so cute in my room.  It really does..."  J.S. Manchester

“I really like going into the sauna.  Its nice and relaxing. Its great the way its designed and quite powerful for only 3 bulbs.  I enjoy using it."  S.S. Sheffield

“I just wanted to update you about the sauna.  So far so good! I am really pleased with the quality of it - I can tell it was made with a lot of love and that its built to last; it put together easily too (I just loved the smiley faces!). We've had to insulate it with old blankets as the house is so cold I felt cold in there.  But after doing that it works great and is nice and toasty.  I am working up a nice sweat which I am pleased about as I read in the Sauna book that some people don't... So I take this as a good sign!  It feels really healing and I love the red light colour - I am so glad I chose this over a far infrared sauna.  I am also following most of the basic program so I feel this will work out fine and then things can be more fine tuned when I begin the Nutritional Balancing full program.  Blessings."   H.L. Nottingham

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