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Testimonials - cont

I  purchased two 4 Lamp near-infrared sauna units from Near InfraRed Sauna UK in 2013, one for each of my two homes. I liked the simple and functional design of the unit, making use of good-quality materials. The electric wires are well insulated and the unit is very safe to use.

I started using the near-infrared sauna unit in May 2013; initially I used it for one session of 20 minutes 2 to 3 days a week, and then for one session of 45 minutes every day from September 2014 until present day.

As I started using the near-infrared units, I noticed immediately subtle but palpable effects. In the first few days my heart rate seemed a little faster, and after this initial period I felt more relaxed and at ease after each session and throughout the day.  

My usual racing mind became slower. It feels as if using the sauna has made my body more aware of its state of stress, and I no longer drive myself into exhaustion as I previously used to. I find it particularly helpful and relaxing to use the sauna after work as the last activity before going to bed, as the light and heat from the unit helps me fall asleep more easily than I used to.

Every time I enter the sauna feeling a bit agitated, upset, or anxious due the matters of the day, I almost always end my session having let go of those agitating emotions, almost as if the reasons I was feeling agitated or upset do not actually matter as much as I believed. I feel instead mellow, relaxed, cleansed, more communicative, and at ease.

I can unequivocally affirm that the heat from the near-infrared unit has a nurturing and welcoming quality.

I look forward to my sauna sessions every day as it is a chance of reflection and insight, and a return to a state of balance. Having been using the near-infrared sauna for more than four years on a daily basis, the intake of heat and light has become almost as critical for me as the intake of nutrients from a meal.

M.B. London, UK

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